Oh my god, you guys! In the words of the timeless super star goddess singer Hoku, today really is a Perfect Day. Why is that, you ask? Because today is a day that we get to talk about our favorite movies! And that always makes for quite a good day. Here at GoNanas, we decided to have a little fun and make a new serious where we get to explore recipes inspired by our favorite character and storylines from film and tv. Can you even deal? I sure can’t. There is nothing that could make a Nana fan happier than combing our favorite bad B’s (you know… like salted caramel, fudge brownie, blueberry crumble, etc) with our other favorite bad B’s - not the least of which is Harvard Law School Valedictorian Class of 2004, Ms. Elle Woods, attorney at law.

Now, before we really dive in, I think that it can be worth exploring what this icon means to us. The early 2000s were obviously a prime time for romantic comedies, but that is not all. They also brought us some seriously badass role models to whom we could aspire. Elle Woods set out to achieve the life she thought she needed and the way it ought to look and in doing so she discovered what she really wanted - and what she was truly capable of! Talk about a bad B. This idea of expectation versus reality, letting go of appearances and embracing your true worth and abilities can be SO important. And HONESTLY, stay with me, it is one of my favorite things about GoNanas, banana fam. Not only are your delicious GoNanas creations so scrumptious looking and tasty, but they are ALSO - dare I say - better for you. These delightful GoNanas mixes are vegan, gluten free, and nut free! Which leads me to say… Guilt free! Elle Woods would absolutely NOT object.

Now, that is not to say that everything at Harvard was easy peasy for young Elle. You might recall one scene in particular when Elle brings muffins to study group (you know, a lovely and kind bonding maneuver) and Vivianne is - to put it mildly - SO SALTY to her. Well, in honor of that moment (and the iconic friendship later formed between Vivienne and Elle), today we are making STRAWBERRY BLONDE SALTED CARAMEL MUFFINS. A little pink! A little salt! A little… BLONDE! Trust me when I tell you that these muffins are SO MUCH BETTER than you can even imagine. Let’s dive in.

It is time to get you as prepared for this recipe as Elle was for her LSATs. Here is what you will need. First things first, grab yourself 1 package of GoNanas Salted Caramel Banana Bread Mix. Then get yourself 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of milk (almond for my non-dairy queens and kings), 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, 1 cup of chopped strawberries, and 1 tablespoon of flour. Et voila! You are set up for success. Don’t you just love a recipe where pretty much everything you need is already in your kitchen? No hectic trip to the store necessary. Just open your cupboards and get ready to make some magic!

Now for the game plan. Just like Elle needed to come up with a plan to clear Brooke Windham without exposing her alibi, you need a plan to set you up for success here. But not to worry Nana fam, I got you. To start, in your favorite mixing bowl, go ahead and combine oil, milk, maple syrup and your Salted Caramel GoNanas Banana Bread Mix. Then, in a separate bowl, toss your strawberries into flour to lightly coat them. Next, go ahead and fold your strawberries into your mix. Grab your go to muffin tins and line them (maybe with pink liners? Anyone? Just me?), then fill it up about half way. Bake those cuties at 350 degrees fahrenheit for 25 minutes. Let them cool. And enjoy!

I was not there, so I can’t be an expert BUT I for one think that this is a recipe that NO arch nemesis would turn away at study group. Not even one as formidable as Vivienne. These Strawberry Blonde Salted Caramel Muffins are the absolute perfect brain food. Not only do you get the delicious sweetness of banana bread which is (DUH) a given, but also the crisp saltiness of Salted Caramel to keep you sharp and focused. And to really push us over the edge - we have STRAWBERRIES. Could it be? A fruit? In our delicious dessert slash snack? What more could ask for? Law school is one thing, but I can tell you for sure that we are smashing the food pyramid right out of here with this one. I can almost guarantee that Elle herself would make and serve these amazing Strawberry Blonde Salted Caramel Muffins at any CULA Delta Nu social event. And I bet… if Vivienne had gotten one taste of these, our girlies would have become thick as thieves all that much sooner.

Now, that we are all obviously law professionals and hardcore Harvard graduates - on top of being top notch bakers of course - i would love to get some legal expertise. We know that we can bake these Strawberry Blonde Salted Caramel Muffins in a (Bend and) Snap - but I want to dive even deeper into this movie recipe series! Once you are done with this delectable creation, take a picture and tag us in it as always because DUH. You know how I get snack fomo. Would not want to be missing in Snacktion. But as soon as that is done, I want to hear from you about what movies we should highlight next! Make a list. Check it twice. And then head on over to GoNanas instagram page to let us know what movies you would like to see featured as recipes - and what flavors should accompany them! Is Blueberry Crumble the best fit for your favorite flick? Let us know! And let the snacking begin.