Red Velvet Banana Cream Cheese Swirled Mini Loaves

Finally. We are here to answer the question on all your minds. What if banana bread and cheesecake had a baby? DREAMY RIGHT?! Well, we TOO were dying to know and had to find out. So, without further ado, here is the mashup recipe of our dreams, the pièce de résistance: Red Velvet Banana Cream Cheese Swirled Mini Loaves! Yes, read it again, that’s not a typo I indeed said Cream Cheese Swirled and red velvet in the same sentence. It should be illegal how good these are.

This recipe is SO easy to make – and you can use any flavor of Go Nanas mix that floats your boat (our favorite for this treat is the Red Velvet but you can use Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel, Original, you name it!). No matter what your baking skills are, this recipe is for you.

Who needs a Valentine when you have these red velvet banana cream cheese swirled mini loaves?! These perfect little loaves of love are sure to make you a smitten kitten this Valentine’s Day. They are full of creamy ooey gooey goodness, and they pack that red velvet flavor punch we DREAM of.

These cutie pie loaves also make the perfect little Valentine’s gift – whether it’s for your sweetheart or your gal pals. These mini loaves are guaranteed to rock any Valentine’s or Galantine’s occasion. Not to mention the cream cheese swirl is the perfect little romantic twist to put this recipe over the top. Don’t believe us? Well try it for yourself or try it with your valentine that kitchen is going to get HOT.

We know what you’re thinking: what happens when I fall in love with these mini loaves and don’t want to stop eating them after Valentine’s Day?! Well, good news! These babies are non-holiday specific. This recipe is a great everyday choice for chocolate lovers who want something a little less indulgent than a cupcake to go with their morning cup of joe. Start your day off with a bang of creamy Nana goodness.

Nana fans – let’s be honest. We all have that friend who, goddess love them, is just hopeless in the kitchen. These Red Velvet Banana Cream Cheese Swirled Mini Loaves are SO user friendly even THEY will come out feeling like a wiz in the kitchen. *Chefs kiss* baby.

Talk about edible art! The luscious red velvet color of these loaf cakes plus the decadent cream cheese swirl is elegant, classic, and never goes out of style. They make the perfect center piece or countertop decoration- as long as you can keep them there before they get eaten!

Now these Yummy little loaves are gluten free - in other words, friendly to those of us with gluten intolerances and/or diets that exclude gluten products. And you wouldn’t even know it! In addition, it can be altered easily to accommodate for vegan diets by swapping out normal cream cheese for a vegan alternative option. Or you can get creative and drench this in a vegan glaze instead! The ideas and possibilities are truly limitless.

The time to get creative with this recipe is now! Now… time for swirl talk. You heard me. Swirl talk. All about that little cream cheese swirl – not only is it delicious, but you can totally get creative with it! You can make it extra swirly twirly or just give it that little subtle swoop. Whatever your swirly twirly love loaf heart desires!

When I was a little Nana loving babe, one of my favorite traditions was going to the coffee shop with my mom. I’ll never forget that feeling of walking in and being enveloped by the luscious smell of coffee. But it wasn’t the coffee I was after… no friends. I sprinted straight to pastry case in hopes that they would have my favorite moist and chocolatey red velvet loaf slice with a cozy (and, might I add, very generous) blanket of cream cheese frosting. A little slice of red velvet cream cheese heaven, if you will. In other words, I have always been a big fan of red velvet and cream cheese. This timeless pairing gives peanut butter and jelly a run for its money! So, this Red Velvet Banana Cream Cheese Swirled Mini Loaf recipe is very for me. Especially because I don’t just get a little slice to be devoured in under 30 seconds. I get a whole personal Red Velvet Banana Cream Cheese Swirled Mini Loaf to myself.

The iconic partnership of red velvet and cream cheese frosting is one for the ages. Right up there with peanut butter and jelly, yes. But also chips and salsa. Hall & Oates. MARY KATE AND ASHLEY. That’s right. This is the Olsen twins of flavor combinations. But we here at Go Nanas took it a step further. We made these comfort mini loaves using… DRUM ROLL PLEASE…RED VELVELT BANANA BREAD MIX. You get to indulge in this romantic Valentine’s Day flavor, made with real beet powder, cocoa powder, and mini white chocolate chips. And yes - it tastes just like that traditional chocolatey red velvet flavor you know and love.

At the end of the day, what truly sets these Red Velvet Banana Cream Cheese Swirled Mini Loaves apart is as simple as this: This mix is by Go Nanas. Go Nanas is a women-owned, vegan, gluten free, and top allergen free banana bread company at the forefront of the #1 comfort food trend. We are here to provide the taste and decadence of home cooking with the accessibility and gut friendly ingredients that you need. The best part about our banana breads? You can’t even tell they are vegan, gluten free and top allergen free. That’s right. Because they truly taste THAT good. So Go Nanas and buy yourself some mix to make Red Velvet Banana Cream Cheese Swirled Mini Loaves this Valentine, Galentine, best friend baked good loving season. We can not wait for you to try this fabulously yummy velvety recipe!