Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake

Dearest GoNanas eaters and readers. Listen up. It’s me: The CEO of Treat Yourself. I come to you today with a very important message. Ground breaking, earth shattering, and - in fact - something you very well may have never heard before. Are you ready? Okay. Here we go. TREAT… and I cannot stress this enough… YOURSELF. Once more for the people in the back, that is right - TREAT YOURSELF. Great. Now that we are all on board with today’s prime directive, let’s get into the nuts and bolts, the ins and outs. We have the WHY of course so let’s just nail the HOW. How is a banana fan to treat thyself today? Well, dear reader, the answer is simple… with @food_flatterer ‘s epic and decadent Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake! I am not in the business of lying to you, so I will be honest… every single word in that recipe name made my mouth water. I am not saying I am proud of it, but I am also not NOT saying I am proud of it. Cookies. Cream. GoNanas. CHEESECAKE. Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake! I die. Someone needs to hire a new CEO of Treat Yourself because I died of deliciousness and this is actually my ghost typing now. Hello. Let’s get into it.

If you have been following along, you already know my love for the new Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas mix. But for our friends who are just joining the party, let’s review. This new flavor is as delicious as ever. She is the perfect mix of sweet and savory, light and dark, cookies AND cream. Truly, this flavor is for every GoNanas fan. No matter what your previous fave flavor is, I know you will love our new girly. Promise. But that is not even the best thing about her. Cookies ‘N Cream is also our very special flavor dedicated to mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month. She is very near and dear to our hearts here at GoNanas and spreads all of the love and awareness that we think is so SO important. She is basically the best ever. Delicious and important. What more could you ask for? Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas mix is the whole package. No pun intended.

Now, she is already a decadent girly, so you must be thinking - how could we possibly improve upon the Treat Yourself agenda? Am I right? Well, dear reader. It can be done. Two words for you: Cheese. Cake. Yes, that’s right. @food_flatterer has really done something here by combining these two of our favorite delicacies. Dare I say (and you know I dare) that it is the ultimate double whammy of sweet and savory. What we have here is a dichotomy of deliciousness!

Time to bake! Step one: grab your ghee and grease your six inch springform pan. Step two! Go ahead and make your crust by using a blender to mix your choice of oreo-style cookie (roughly 1 sleeve) with one quarter cup of ghee. Step three: bake your crust at a sexy 300 degrees for 10 minutes. Allow that sucker to cool, then wrap up the outside of your pan in aluminum foil. Step four! Clean out your lovely blender because we are going to use that babe to make our filling. For your filling, grab 2 blocks of softened cream cheese, 5 ounces of plain greek yogurt, one-third cup of maple syrup, 2 teaspoons of vanilla, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of arrowroot flour, and 2 eggs. Blend that up until it is nice and smooth, then fold in 5 of your oreo-style cookies chopped up. Set that babe aside. Step five: IT’S GONANAS TIME! Let’s mix up our Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas batter. That will be ¾ cup of dry Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas mix, 1 banana, ½ a tablespoon of maple syrup, ½ a tablespoon of almond milk, and ½ a tablespoon of coconut oil. Then set that goodness aside. Step SIX: pour your cheesecake mixture filling over the crust. Then, layer on the GoNanas batter. Pour the remaining cheesecake over the top. Swirl it on up with a knife. Bake that lover at a nice 325 degrees for 65 minutes (sounds like time to binge an episode of “insert your fave show here” to me!). Place an oven safe dish filled with water on a rack underneath it for moisture. Bonus pro tip from the chef! No matter how eager and excited you are, do not open the oven door to check on your masterpiece. Precious heat will escape. Let those tasty waves do their job. Step seven: Bring us home. Allow your creation to cool off completely before refridgerating her overnight. The next day, decorate her with your remaining chopped up oreo-style cookies, some powdered sugar, and chocolate syrup. Voila! You are ready to present and enjoy.

We interrupt this delicious baking content for another important message from the CEO of Treat Yourself. In case you forgot, that’s me. The Treat Yourself committee has voted and arrived upon two decrees. First: when you bake @food_flatterer ‘s delicious Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake recipe… you must invite me. Upon further review, this recipe is too delicious not to be shared far and wide. As a prime example of the Treat Yourself directive, Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake must be shared, celebrated, and enjoyed. Thank you so much. Second! If decree number one is impossible, as we are internet friends and I likely cannot come eat Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake at your house (*cries in banana bread*), you must take copious photos of your Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake masterpieces and tag us in all of them. Among those truths universally acknowledged is the tried and true… camera eats first. The Treat Yourself committee believes that this digital content, these decadent photos will keep us going in lieu of being able to taste your delicious creation. In conclusion, you will most certainly have treated yourself with this Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas Cheesecake. Mission accomplished. Go forth and snack.