Carrot Cake Banana Bread French Toast

Carrot Cake GoNanas banana bread french toast (gf+df)

@Jacquelovespb has blessed us with yet another INSANE recipe. Here's what she had to say about her latest banana bread creation....

"if you love banana bread & are looking for fun different ways to eat it, this recipe is definitely for you :) As a banana bread connoisseur, I'd say this definitely takes banana bread to the next level!! & that’s saying A LOT because @go_nanas banana bread is literally already perfect & amazing & incredible… & did i already say perfect?!?! and i haven’t even MENTIONED that @go_nanas is launching their new seasonal flavor of CARROT CAKE banana bread TOMORROW!! believe me when i say that this flavor is next. level. Just when you thought that you were fulfilled in life, you add some carrot cake and banana bread into the mix (lol get it, mix) and suddenly your quality of life increases exponentially. I'm just saying. but enough rambling about how amazing @go_nanas is. i’ll just give you the recipe now, you can thank me later :) 📝📝"

REWIND: CARROT CAKE BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST?! That should be illegal. This recipe can be made with any of the GoNanas flavors (we recommend giving them all a try, let us know your fave.)

Here at GoNanas we endorse having cake whenever your little heart desires. Whether that is breakfast or a little late night snack you live your life GF. BUT this recipe is all about breakfast and it seems so fitting for this lovely Sunday morning. If you have not secured a bag of carrot cake banana bread runnnnnnnn! Okay okay on to the recipe. This recipe is extremely easy to make. If you know how to whisk and crack an egg you are good to go! This vegan and gluten carrot cake french toast tastes like spring and can be loved by everyone. They have the perfect balance of sweet and ~spicy.~ Get ready for the best french toast of your life.

Okay, here we go! To start, of course you will need 1 package of GoNanas Banana Bread mix. You can totally use any flavor for this recipe. Plus, all of our mixes are Gluten Free, Vegan and Nut Free - not to mention, they pack huge flavor.. Oh, you don’t believe me? Well you should, because it is THAT good.

Here’s the sitch, GoNanas fans. We know that you are busy. You are booked and blessed! As talented as you are as bakers extraordinaire, you just do not always have time to saddle up and make a culinary masterpiece. Or… do you? With this you can whip up your bread the night before and then you will wake up and have everything you need to make a gourmet breakfast. you are more than able to whip up a delicious delicacy without disrupting your schedule. Carrot Cake Banana Bread. It’s like a million delicious delicacies in one! As fast as you can say the name, you can create this delicious treat and enjoy yourself. You. Deserve. To. Treat. Your. Self. Yum!!