Banana Bread Eggo-Inspired Waffles

Hello hello banana babies! Oh, what’s that? You’re currently reading this on your smart phone? Well, I have news for your nanners and nannettes. No, you are not. In fact, there is no way you could be. Because the year? IS 1983. Whooaaaaaa. That’s right. We have traveled in time. AND in space. To Hawkins, Indiana. Because you asked and we delivered. So this week on GoNanas recipes inspired by tv and movies, we present to you… STRANGER THINGS. Now, we love banana bread the way Eleven loves Eggo Waffles. Which, needlessly to say, is a lot. Banana bread is bae. Waffles are bae. What more could you ask for? While you sit and brainstorm which timeless song could save you from The Vecna (Max’s is Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. Ours is Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani… for obvious reasons), let’s start to go over what you will need to cook up this tasty creation. And while there may be Stranger Things, I can promise you there are no tastier things. Let’s dive in.

For this week’s recipe, we chose to whip up Banana Bread Eggo-Inspired Waffles and trust me when I say this will be your new fave breakfast. We have got all the food groups you need! Waffles? Check. Bananas? Check. Healthy and nutritious and delicious breakfast treat? Triple check. Round up the gang because this time instead of fighting the Demogorgon, we are heading into The Upside Down to fight… hunger pangs. Here’s what you will need. 1 pack of GoNanas Banana Bread Mix, 2 ripe bananas, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, 1 tablespoon of almond milk, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and… your trusty waffle iron! Whatever shape or size you like, babies. Mine is a heart.

Next, let’s go through the how to’s. First, mash up your 2 ripe bananas. Then, add in your maple syrup, almond milk, coconut oil, and mix it all up well. Next, heat up your waffle iron and put some batter into it. Then, stack those babies up and generously drizzle some maple syrup. It is as simple as that! You are ready to enjoy and snack away. There truly are not many things that I love more than banana bread and Eggo Waffles. One of them, though, might be this Banana Bread Eggo-Inspired Waffle recipe. And another might just be very simple recipes! You can turn this baby out

quicker than we can time travel back from the 1980’s to 2022.

As always, when you create these iconic Stranger Things style Banana Bread Eggo-Inspired Waffles, please take copious photos and tag us in them over on GoNanas instagram so that we can have the appropriate amount of FOMO (if you know you know, fear of missing out) and taste vicariously through you. And be sure to let us know what other tv and movie faves we should cook up next! Can’t wait to see what world, era, style, kingdom, etc we land in next! GoNanas truly knows no bounds. Bon appetit!