You Will Go Bananas for Our New Mixes!

everybody knows that banana bread was the food of the quarantine. now that the q is nearing an end, we haven’t lost our love of banana bread, we’ve just lost the time it takes to make it. we’ve got a shortcut for you: gonanas mixes! our mixes will be available to purchase starting july 1st! the new mixes will come in 3 flavors: original, chocolate chip and crackly. each mix will make one full loaf or one tray of muffins. the mixes are easy to make, quick to bake, seamless to clean and delicious to eat!

here’s a breakdown of the flavors…. 

the original is a blank canvas so to speak, you can spice it up however you like. from coconut flakes to shredded carrots the add-ins are endless. it’s vegan, gluten free and allergen free, making it perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions and those who value health and nutrition. it’s made with cinnamon, flaxseed meal, gluten free oat flour, sea salt, baking soda and baking powder. with better for-you ingredients, our breads will make both your body and soul feel satisfied. 

for those who are feeling less creative- but still want a tasty treat, meet crackly. if you’re new to gonanas i’m sure you’re wondering what crackly is! it has the satisfying crunch that a nutty banana bread holds, without actually having nuts. we achieve that texture using millet, a whole grain seed. 

last but certainly not least, our chocolate chip flavor is just that, chocolate chip banana bread. plain. simple. delicious.  


to make these decadent treats you’ll of course need the gonanas banana bread mix and then milk, oil, maple syrup and obviously bananas, the star of our breads! we recommend using coconut oil and coconut milk to keep this product vegan.

you are going to go bananas when you try our new mixes so get ready to purchase them starting july 1st online and at select retailers (coming soon)! make sure to follow us on instagram @go_nanas for more updates!