What We Are Adding To Our Online Shopping Carts Right Now

we have rounded up some of our current favorites to stack in our pantry (and bar cart) to keep our trips to the kitchen interesting between zoom meetings. these healthy alternatives and treats will keep you feeling good from the inside and out.  

1. GoNanas Banana Bread Mixes

Coming in at #1, are our drool worthy banana bread mixes. We love taking time to unwind in the kitchen by whipping up some banana bread heaven and switching up our toppings depending on our mood. Feeling down? Throw some of our favorite Hu Chocolate Gems (see below) into our original mix for a decadent yet healthy pick me up.

2. Hu Chocolate

This clean vegan chocolate has been our absolute go-to during this rollercoaster of a year. Not only do we love adding some bite sized gems into our baked goodies, there is nothing better than hitting the couch with a bar of their unreal hazelnut butter dark chocolate (it’s like nutella for adults).

3. Orange Wine

It goes without saying that 2020 definitely has required a glass of wine or 2 before bed. We are currently obsessed with orange wine, a spin on a refreshing white with notes of orange blossom and citrus peel. Besides this bottle looking aesthetically pleasing in our apartments, it is also produced from all organic farmed fruit.

4. No Dairy Vodka Sauce

Primal Kitchen’s No Dairy Vodka Sauce made with Avocado Oil has been a staple in our pantries. Some nights your body just needs to tell you to skip the new crock pot recipe you found and reach for a box of Banza. Gigi Hadid’s vodka sauce recipe has taken the Instagram world by storm and we have found a way quicker and way healthier alternative.

Unsurprisingly, Trader Joes has done it again. Everyone and their mother has been loving Everything But The Bagel Seasoning on just about everything, and this new snack proves it is definitely worth the hype. This blend of almonds and cashews coated in bagel seasoning is the perfect midday pick me up and will be the new star of your snack drawer.

For those of us who feel the negative jittery effects of a morning cup of joe, matcha is here to save the day. Ceremonial grade matcha provides a longer sustained burst of energy than coffee without feeling like you are bouncing off the walls. We are loving this one from Alfreds blended up with a nut/oat milk of your choice. We also recommend blending with a milk frother to achieve the creamy foam that our favorite coffee shops have perfected.

Lesser Evil kills it on just about every product they release, but these addicting paleo puffs are at the top of our snack list. The Himalayan Salt+Apple Cider Vinegar flavor may sound weird at first, but trust us it is the perfect mix of salty and tangy. Check out the “no-cheesiness” cheese flavor for a yummy non-dairy crunch.

We love Halo Top for their low calorie ice cream (and variety of dairy free flavors) so naturally we are absolutely stoked about their newest summer treat. These pops are the perfect sweet tooth buster and even come in minis!

Purely Elizabeth is our morning savior! Their oat cups are quick and easy to pop into the microwave and are filled with whole ingredients like quinoa, flax, chia, and coconut sugar to sweeten (we love the collagen blueberry walnut flavor.) The nut butter squeeze pack inside each cup is absolutely genius and gives us an easy protein fix!