The 6 Best Vegan Podcasts You Need to Check Out

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According to a recent United Nations report, around 79 million people around the world are vegan. Additionally, the number of vegans in the US shot up by 600% in a four-year period. In 2014, only 4 million Americans claimed to be vegan, while in 2018, 20 million Americans identified as vegan

Veganism isn’t just a trendy diet- it’s a lifestyle that offers many personal and societal benefits. Studies show that eating a vegan diet can help you lose excess weight, lower your blood sugar levels, protect you against certain types of cancers, and lower your risk of heart disease. 

Veganism can also benefit the environment, as it requires less energy from fossil fuels and it uses less land and water. A recent study found that following a vegan diet is the “single best way” to help the environment. 

Another great thing about following a vegan diet is that there is a strong community, and there are plenty of resources out there to learn more about the vegan diet. One great way to get involved in the community and learn about the lifestyle is to listen to podcasts. 

What are the best vegan podcasts? Read on to find out! 

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1. Ordinary Vegan 

One of the best vegan podcasts to check out is Ordinary Vegan. The podcast is hosted by Nancy Montuori, a health and wellness coach who contracted a rare disease at the age of 6 that required around-the-clock therapeutic care. 

After overcoming the illness, Nancy set out to live the healthiest life possible, and she learned about veganism along the way and decided to commit to the diet after watching the Forks Over Knives documentary. 

Her podcast, Ordinary Vegan, discusses topics such as how to get started on a vegan diet, the best vegan recipes, vegan weight loss tips, and how to optimize your nutrition on a plant-based diet. Whether you’re just starting you’re vegan journey or you’re looking to gain more knowledge, this is the podcast for you. 

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2. The Reluctant Vegan 

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If you’re a previous carnivore who has had doubts about switching to the vegan diet,
The Reluctant Vegan is a great podcast to check out. 

Previous meat lovers and Australian couple Dan and Jess decided to go vegan after adopting a cat in 2014. Shortly after the adoption, they became heavily involved in animal welfare and conservation efforts. 

They decided that to call themselves animal lovers and truly walk the walk, they needed to switch to a vegan diet. In The Reluctant Vegan podcast, Dan and Jess discuss the trials and tribulations that come with switching to a vegan diet. 

This podcast is refreshing in that they don’t shy away from discussing their blunders or the challenges that sometimes come with going vegan, such as forgetting to request non-dairy milk when ordering a latte or navigating difficult conversations with family members in regards to their lifestyle choices. 

If you’re looking for an honest, personal take on the vegan lifestyle, subscribe to this podcast today

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3. The Exam Room

If you’re on the hunt for a podcast that dives deep into the science and nutritional aspect of the vegan diet, then you need to add The Exam Room to your podcast library.

The Exam Room is a podcast by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, a non-profit organization that promotes a plant-based diet. Each podcast episode focuses on a particular topic related to veganism and looks at it from a scientific lens. The aim of each episode is to provide helpful and healthful advice. 

Even better, by supporting the podcast, you also help support the Physician’s Committee, which has made major strides in ending inhumane testing on animals and using a healthy diet as preventative medicine in treating chronic diseases. 

4. Food For Thought  

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Food For Thought has been a long-time favorite podcast for those in the vegan community. Colleen Patrick Goudreau, American author and long-time animal rights activist, hosts the podcast. 

In addition to the podcast, Goudreau also hosts a 30-day vegan eating challenge and has a range of vegan cooking classes. Goudreau’s Food For Thought podcast dives into a range of vegan-related topics. She discusses everything from how to be a good activist to the essentials you need in your kitchen to follow a plant-based diet. 

This is a great all-rounder podcast that even tackles philosophical debates in the vegan world. If you’re a linguist or word geek, you’ll also want to check out Colleen’s other podcast, Animology, where she discusses the origins of animal-related words and language. 

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5. The Plant Proof Podcast 

If you’re looking for another great podcast that focuses on evidence-based nutrition, then The Plant Proof Podcast is for you. 

Nutritionist and host Simon Hill sits down with other health experts, scientists, athletes, and inspiring vegan enthusiasts who are ready to share their wisdom and experiences regarding veganism and conscious living. 

The podcast serves as a safe space for discussing nutrition and veganism without judging those who consume animal products. Simon emphasizes taking an agenda-free approach, and he isn’t afraid to discuss topics or findings that may put veganism in an unfavorable light. 

6. The Bearded Vegans 

If you’re looking for a vegan podcast that dives into more nuanced topics, then The Bearded Vegans is the podcast for you

Hosts Andy and Paul discuss everything from feeding children a vegan diet to animal liberation to the efficacy and ethics of sanctuaries. They also review popular vegan and environmental-related documentaries such as Seaspiracy and My Octpous Teacher

The Best Vegan Podcasts: Time to Click Download 

As you can see, there are many excellent vegan podcasts out there for you to check out. Now, all you need to do is hit “subscribe” to wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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