List of Egg Substitutes for the Vegan Diet

More and more people are adapting to the vegan diet than ever before. A recent study found that 9.6 million Americans are now vegan. This is a 300% increase over the past 15 years. 

People are switching to a vegan diet to help the environment, avoid animal cruelty, and improve their health. But while the vegan diet is great for many reasons, sometimes, it can be difficult to find appropriate vegan substitutes for certain foods. 

One food that can be hard to find a substitute for is eggs. Not only are eggs great on their own, but they’re also a key ingredient in many baked goods. Luckily, there are a number of egg substitutes out there that will allow you to keep enjoying your favorite baked goods, vegan-style. 

Read this article to learn about the best egg substitutes for the vegan diet. 


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1. Applesauce 


Applesauce is one of the best vegan diet substitutes. You can substitute ¼ cup of applesauce for one egg. One-fourth cup of applesauce only contains about 25 calories, compared to an egg, which contains about 70 calories. 

In addition to being a low-calorie substitute, applesauce can also add moisture to cakes, cookies, muffins, and bread. We suggest using applesauce when making Go Nanas banana bread. It goes especially great with the pumpkin spice banana bread mix

You can also use applesauce in these quick and easy donut recipes


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2. Ripe Bananas 



Ripe bananas serve as another great substitute for eggs. One ripe banana contains 3 grams of fiber, 33% RDI (recommended daily value) of vitamin B6, 9% RDI of potassium, and 14% RDI of manganese. 

Like applesauce, ripe bananas can add moisture to many plant-based recipes. They also help to add a touch of sweetness. When using ripe bananas, make sure to pair them with a raising agent such as baking powder. This will help ensure your baked goods don’t come out too dense. Also, make sure to mash the banana up thoroughly for all recipes. 

Ripe bananas make a great egg substitute for cakes, brownies, pancakes, and bread. You can also use ripe bananas in this healthy single-serve banana pudding


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3. Flax Seeds 


Flax seeds are nutritional powerhouses. They’re a good source of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and unsaturated fat. Flax seeds are also packed with antioxidants that help relieve inflammation and fight disease. 

To use flax seeds as a substitute for eggs, you’ll need to combine one tablespoon of ground flax seeds with three tablespoons of water. Allow the mixture to sit for five minutes so it can thicken before adding it to your recipe. Ground flax seeds make a great addition to muffins, bread, cakes, burgers, cookies, and even vegan meatballs. 


4. Egg Substitute Powders 


With the popularity of veganism on the rise, more and more stores have started to sell egg substitute powders. However, just because faux-eggs aren’t made from animals doesn’t necessarily mean they’re superior nutritionally. 

These fake eggs have less protein, and many of them contain higher levels of sodium. Additionally, faux eggs tend to be way more processed than chicken eggs. When it comes to using faux eggs as a traditional egg substitute in recipes, their effectiveness will really depend on what you’re making. 

If you’re making an egg-based dish such as quiche or scrambled eggs, you’ll probably notice a pretty big difference. However, if you’re using them as a substitute for eggs in baked goods, the taste and texture should remain relatively the same

Of course, everything depends on the egg substitute brand you buy. It’s also important to note that egg substitutes are a new concept, so we should expect to see improvements both nutrition-wise and taste-wise in the near future. 


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5. Tofu 



If you’re looking for an egg substitute that’s packed with protein, tofu is a great option. Tofu is rich in protein, and it’s also low in calories. It’s also a rich source of manganese, iron, copper, and zinc. 

When adding tofu to recipes, it’s important to pay attention to the firmness level. Generally speaking, tofu is available in four varieties: silken, soft, firm, and extra firm. Silken tofu is a good substitute for eggs in recipes with creamy textures, such as ice cream, sour cream, cheesecake, and pudding. 

You can also use silken tofu as a substitute for eggs to make your own mayo. Firm or extra firm tofu makes a great substitute for scrambled eggs. 

You can add turmeric and other spices to the tofu to give them some flavor. We also suggest using firm tofu as an egg substitute in savory dishes such as lasagna, quiches, and egg salads. 


6. Chickpea Flour 


Chickpea flour is rich in protein and serves as an excellent binding and rising agent in many baked goods. You can substitute chickpea flour for eggs in cookies, scones, and biscotti. 

Many people also use chickpea flour as a substitute in quiches and omelets. For every egg called for, substitute three tablespoons of chickpea flour mixed with three tablespoons of water. 

While chickpea flour can be found in most health food stores, you can also make it at home. To make chickpea flour, all you need to do is grind up some dried chickpeas in a food processor. 


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7. Tapioca Starch 


Tapioca starch is another great binding and thickening agent that can take the place of eggs. Tapioca starch makes a great addition to sauces, condiments, and puddings. 

To substitute for eggs, combine one tablespoon of tapioca starch with three tablespoons of water. Like silken tofu, tapioca starch is another great egg substitute when making vegan mayo


Egg Substitutes: Conclusion 


While eggs are an ingredient in many recipes, finding egg substitutes is easy. For most of these substitutes, you won’t even notice a difference in taste or texture. Soon, you may be able to give up eggs altogether and embrace a fully vegan diet. 


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