Intuitive Eating 101


step 1: breaking up with diet culture

as a fully female-owned business, we at gonanas see and understand the pressure that other women feel to “diet” and restrict themselves. we have also seen the negative effects that these behaviors have on our community of women and that’s why we work to promote anti-diet culture and the concept of listening to what our bodies need. intuitive eating has allowed us to be passionate about food and to respect our bodies, something that we hope more women and men can achieve.

to begin, let us start off by saying that intuitive eating has nothing to do with diets, weight loss, or eating plans. intuitive eating is rooted in the simple idea that humans should be in touch with their bodies to recognize when they are hungry and full. two registered dietitians in 1995, evelyn tribole and elyse resch, created this approach in order to help people break the cycle of dieting and to heal their relationship with food. they began by explaining the idea that we were all born as natural intuitive eaters. as babies, we cry when we are hungry and stop eating when we are full. but as we grow older, restrictions are set around food and we are engrained with ideas like dessert should be a reward and that we should feel guilty when eating “bad” foods. from here, tribole and resch push us to literally re-learn how to eat. they want us to give ourselves unconditional permission to eat what we want without feeling guilty and to trust our bodies to tell us what it wants and how much it wants. sometimes our bodies need an extra helping of dessert or more carbs than normal one day and that is completely okay! learning to stop depriving yourself of foods and to eat what you want will not only make your body feel physically whole again, but will put your mind at peace from the constant turmoil that is caused by listening to food rules (unhealthy rules that people set for themselves regarding what they can eat and when they can eat.)  we hope that our mission and our products help men and women feel excited about food again and to love their bodies, no matter what size they are. 

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WHERE can I get more information?



read more about the 10 principles of intuitive eating 

check out evelyn and elyse’s original book 

listen to a podcast 

watch a beginner’s guide to intuitive eating


who can i follow?

kara lydon: a non-diet dietician who practices intuitive eating (she even has a free guide to “make peace with carbs” in her bio)

haley goodrich: her feed is filled with amazing diet culture recovery tips, quotes, and resources 

alyssa rumsey: has countless q+a livestreams and story highlights about intuitive eating and healing your relationship with food 

taylor chan: an uplifting account with hand drawn doodles of body positivity statistics and quotes 

rachel molenda: body positive account who just started a podcast to help women stop feeling out of control with food 

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