Best Gifts for People Who Love Baking

If you know someone like us--we love baking. And we spend so much time baking that we know a thing or two about the difference that having the right tools makes. People love baking for all sorts of reasons. It smells good, sharing your treats puts a smile on someone's face, and the best way to describe a good recipe is the perfect blend of science and magic.

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If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who loves to bake as much as we do, trust us--we have this. Just talking about baking brings back fond memories of the sweet aroma of learning to bake in my mom's kitchen.

Pretty Mixing Bowls

Everyone can appreciate a pretty mixing bowl because baking shouldn't be boring. Even if you think they already have a mixing bowl or two--there is always room for one more. Think about those busy days baking a spread of Christmas cookies or preparing for a family dinner. I bet one more mixing bowl wouldn't have hurt.

Kitchenaid Designer Mixing Bowls

 Kitchenaid, a leading brand in kitchen and baking ware, has a designer line of mixing bowls to fit their iconic stand mixers. Every seasoned baker probably has a KitchenAid stand mixer so outfitting that mixer with add-on accessories is a no-brainer for giving the best (and most useful) gifts.

Nested Mixing Bowls with Measuring Cups

Brightly colored, fun, and functional with a space-saving design make this set of mixing bowls a winning choice. The first thing that gives my baking brain pause when shopping for new bakeware is the limited storage in my kitchen

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Scoop and Measure Tools

The art of baking depends on precise measurements. Having the right tools for dry or wet ingredients or dough or frosting makes all the difference. When recipes say to spoon the batter onto the baking sheet--they don't really mean spoon. There are so many more creative and helpful tools to accomplish this job.

Our Favorite Batter Scoop

 For a mess-free and perfectly portioned way to transfer cupcake batter, our tool of choice is the Tovolo Cupcake Scoop. The scoop is made from food-grade nylon with a stick-free silicone plunger to make depositing batter easy. The slightly curved design keeps the batter exactly where it should be while you fill your pan.

Digital Kitchen Scale

 Precise measurements are really important in baking. Take all of the guesswork out of measuring ingredients with a digital kitchen scale. Plus, easily convert measurements from any recipe to keep everything on the same scale. 

Novelty Kitchen Timer

Speaking of measuring, how many timers can you set on an Alexa? It is possible to set multiple timers on your smart devices--but it gets confusing really fast! Add a little fun to your favorite baker's kitchen routine by gifting a novelty kitchen timer--you know, the old-fashioned kind!

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Tools of the Trade

Anyone who loves baking will probably also appreciate those specialty tools that don't really have any other purpose in the kitchen aside from decorating baked goods. At the very least, they can find a reason to use them.

Edible Printers

With an edible printer, you can decorate a sugar cookie (or a cupcake) with a personalized message for every occasion. An edible ink printer can be a big investment, so if you are looking to spend big, there is something to fit your budget. But they come in a range with many, less expensive options on the market.

Butane Kitchen Torch

 For perfectly toasted marshmallow accents, a food-grade butane kitchen torch is the ticket. If your favorite baker is fond of marshmallow-y delights, this gift will take their desserts to the next level. Don't worry; safety locks and adjustable flame settings make this tool safe for beginners and experienced bakers alike.

Multipurpose Silicone Bowl Scrapers

 Spoons and spatulas have their purpose, but when it comes to scraping a bowl clean--these little gadgets are a dream! Silicone is temperature-resistant and naturally non-stick, so it makes a great material for baking tools. Cake pans, spatulas, liners, and scrapers made from silicone are all baking-friendly.

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Dress the Part

When all else fails, and they have every gadget under the sun in their kitchen cupboards, there is always room for a festive new shirt (or socks, or apron). There is something for every kind of baker from functional wear like aprons to novelty accents like stocking caps.

Functional Baking Aprons

There are plenty of opportunities to make a mess when baking. Flour is notorious for getting on everything. Although the trend of wearing aprons may feel a little dated, we would guess that a serious baker still appreciates the value of a good apron.

Festive Holiday Aprons

Children's Personalized Aprons

Patterned General Purpose Women's Aprons

Stylish Women's Aprons

Baking Culture T-shirts

Like any hobby, we bakers like to make corny jokes that only other bakers will find funny. It is part of the in-club; you have to be a baker to get the joke. To help our fellow bakers spread their enthusiasm, we have rounded up some (hilarious to us) baking t-shirts.

Nobody Likes a Soggy Bottom


I'd Rather be Baking


Crazy Cake Lady

Outfitting your favorite baker with tools and swag to celebrate their hobbies is a great trick to giving the best gifts. You will get big bonus points for giving a thoughtful gift that is really useful. You don't even have to disclose that you found the idea on a blog post--we are the only ones who know, and we aren't telling anyone!

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