Best Gift Ideas for Your Vegan Girlfriend

Heart shaped cookies with powdered sugar.

Everyone loves a gift from the heart, but some people are really hard to shop for. Like your vegan girlfriend. Christmas, birthday, or just because, you’ll find something perfect on this list.  

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We here at GoNanas believe that vegan can be delicious, and being woman-owned, we know a thing or two about what vegan women are looking for. We hope this list inspires you to pick out the perfect gift for your vegan girlfriend. 

Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker

Everyone enjoys a little something sweet, and this dessert maker is hands down perfect for vegans. This easy-to-use machine makes a delicious dessert that tastes just like soft-serve ice cream by utilizing overripe bananas 

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Speaking of delicious treats, what woman doesn’t like chocolate? Not all chocolates are made the same. GMO-free, organic, and allergen-free, these truffles are sweetened with Medjool dates rather than sugars. Making them a delicious addition to any celebration. 

The Seitanic Spellbook

It’s not what you think, we promise! This book is a brilliant collection of vegan recipes. Wickedly delicious hosting beautiful artwork that highlights how good vegan cooking can be. This cookbook is perfect for daily cooks and weekend chefs alike. So don’t let the title fool you. It’s the ideal addition to your girlfriend’s life.

Vegetables in a skillet.


6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

If she’s the type that refuses to buy herself something nice, this might be your ace in the hole. Many vegans spend time prepping things like beans and other items that have a long cook time. This thoughtful gift can not only make that process easier by reducing cooking time. It gets her out of the kitchen and enjoying the things she loves, like binge-watching serial killer documentaries on Netflix.  


Speaking of saving time, she’ll love this one—instant banana bread. Vegan, gluten-free, and top allergen-free, this bread is body fuel. It’s also seriously delicious with seasonal flavors like Red Velvet and year-round favorites like chocolate chip. Vegan food never tasted so good.  

Your Vegan girlfriend will also love that you are supporting a woman-owned business that is vegan friendly. Shop GoNanas today for the perfect gift for any day. 

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Veja Taua Trainers

Cruelty-free, vegan, and fair trade recognized these shoes are the perfect gift for your vegan girlfriend. Sometimes going vegan means making a sacrifice, but these stylish shoes are tasteful and trendy. No animals or humans were harmed during their production, making these shoes even cooler.  

The Veganomicon

Is your girlfriend always in the kitchen or on the hunt for new delicious vegan recipes? This might soon become her holy grail, with you as the hero who brought it for her. This book is packed with simple and delicious recipes. While it might not have images for every recipe, it’s not one to be overlooked.

Vegan Apron

This thoughtful gift is sure to make your girlfriend smile. This vegan apron helps protect her clothes while she whips up delicious vegan meals. An apron makes the perfect gift paired with a cookbook and allows her to live free in the kitchen, knowing that her pricy vegan clothes are protected.  

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

You’ve most likely watched your girlfriend cry over making vegan yogurt at home. The strict temperature requirements can frustrate even the best vegan cooks. The Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker is changing that. This handy little gadget takes all of the hard work out of making delicious vegan yogurt at home. Allowing a set-it-and-forget-it style of cooking, this maker is unique and changing the face of vegan yogurt. 

Matt & Nat Scarlett Handbag

Finding vegan-friendly handbags can be a struggle. Even when you know what you are looking for. But here is an excellent way to surprise your girlfriend. Beautiful, trendy, and with plenty of options, including messenger bags, Matt & Nat. took all of the hard work out of finding a good quality vegan bag that your girlfriend will love. 

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Time Teller P by Nixon

This vegan-friendly and cruelty-free watch is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your vegan girlfriend. The Time Teller P isn’t made from any animal-derived materials, comes in plenty of colors, and is still durable enough for everyday use. Versatile and comfortable, this is a perfect gift for reminding her that you’re thinking about her all the time. 

Ocean Potion Protect & Nourish Sunscreen Spray

Who doesn’t love a beautiful day in the sun? Show your vegan girlfriend that you want her to stay safe too! This SPF 50 sunscreen protects against harmful sun rays while protecting her ethics. This spray goes on smoothly without leaving a sticky residue. Quick-drying and water-resistant for endless summer fun. 

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick in Outlaw

A long-time vegan, Kat Von D offers up a make-up line that is vegan and cruelty-free. This shade of red is the perfect accent for any complexion. Your vegan girlfriend will love the velvety texture and the super cool vintage design of the packaging. She’ll love the delicate scents like vanilla ice cream.  

Ere Perez – Natural Avocado Waterproof Mascara

Does your girlfriend have sensitive skin? Then this might be the perfect gift for her. High quality and vegan, this thoughtful gift shows her that you are really paying attention. This mascara adds volume to her lashes and is waterproof. You might want to surprise her and pair this with some coconut or almond oil for removal. 

Heart shaped cookies with powdered sugar.

Personalized Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter

Does your girlfriend have everything? Does she enjoy cooking? Well, this might be the one thing she doesn’t have. Thoughtful and customizable so she can feel the love every time she uses it. A unique gift for your unique girlfriend.  


There are many cool vegan gifts on this list, and we hope that they inspired you to find the perfect one for your girlfriend. Just remember, a gift that comes from the heart can mean more than money.  

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