5 Ways to Be Eco-friendly as F*** and Repurpose Your Overripe Bananas

The sight of a spotted banana may look like wasted food to some, but to other, smarter individuals may look like the start to a very epic creation. Overripe bananas are full of natural sugars and are the perfect base for endless recipes. Don’t believe me, try out one of these recipes below and soon you’ll be counting down the days until your bananas are overripe!

Banana Bread - Everyone’s first idea when they have overripe bananas is to make banana bread, but I’m sure you’re tired of the sour cream and butter filled, decadent treat your Nana used to make. So this is where GoNanas comes in. GoNanas is a female founded startup that has mixes so you can make delicious banana bread in half the time. All their products are vegan and allergen free and come in 3 flavors: original, think classic banana bread, crackly, it has the satisfying crunch that a nutty banana bread holds without actually having nuts, and chocolate chip, because who doesn’t love chocolate?

Banana “Nice” Cream - Banana “nice” cream tastes like ice cream but it's made with natural sugar and fewer ingredients. All it takes is sweet overripe bananas, milk and ice. And of course you can add any other flavors to take it up a notch. From oreos to strawberries the add- ins are endless. It's the perfect guilt free dessert and a favorite summertime treat.

Banana Oaties - Banana oaties are a great snack for when you’re on the go because they’re bite size! What’s great about these is that you can make a whole batch ahead of time and keep them stored for 3 to 5 days. And best of all it only takes 3 main ingredients!

Banana Berry Smoothie - Smoothies are a great way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and an overripe banana always adds that sugary taste, without actually having refined sugars. So grab a blender and start experimenting with some banana smoothie combinations or if you're a smoothie rookie try this banana berry one to start!

Banana Oatmeal - Sometimes all you need is a new twist to reinvent a food staple and adding an overripe banana does the trick with this oatmeal. Add in some chocolate and peanut butter and you have a warm, comforting breakfast that will also keep you full for hours.