Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

I know what you’re thinking- can a vegan version of my favorite sweet treat be just as good as the original? Trust me, it’s even better. We love it vegan. It’s only six ingredients - all GoNanas baking mixes use very minimal ingredients - and is allergen-free, vegan, and gluten-free. This recipe will be sure to be a hit at your next book club meeting, happy hour, or family brunch, and even makes for a great kid’s baking kit!

I know that after a while, you get bored of baking the same old vegan desserts. It’s easy to get into a routine until you don’t even realize- you need something new. Well, nothing says “new” like a delicious seasonal treat you can make all year round. This can replace desserts, snacks, or even breakfast when you want to treat yourself.

This recipe is always great, even when you’re on a time crunch. If you only have a half-hour between meetings or after work, this recipe is the perfect one to make on the go. The prep time is only about 5 minutes, and the rest is for baking, so you’ll only need to worry about getting your pumpkin bread out of the oven after 30 minutes.

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How to Make Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread  

This recipe is not only delicious but super easy! Super simple ingredients, very little prep time, and 30 minutes in the oven for you to plan what toppings you want. This recipe goes well with whipped cream, fruit, or just about anything else sweet in your fridge! 


3 bananas, mashed

1 Tablespoon of maple syrup

⅛ cup of oil

⅛ cup of milk (nondairy or cow)

1 package of GoNanas pumpkin spice mix

½ cup of chocolate chips

Medium-sized bowl 

One of the perks of GoNanas mixes is that they’re so versatile; this flavor mix can also be used to make protein bowls, french toast, chocolate chip cookies, and just about any other sweet treat you can create. GoNanas is also allergen-free, vegan, and gluten-free. And every batch of GoNanas is super moist and delicious! 


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and make sure to grease your loaf pan.
  2. Start with ripe three bananas. Mash them well until they have a mushy texture that can easily blend with other ingredients.
  3. Next, you’ll want to add in a tablespoon of maple syrup. Maybe save a little extra to put on top after it bakes...
  4. Add ⅛ cup of oil and ⅛ cup of milk. Stir all of the ingredients together until the consistency thickens. Feel free to use alternatives to cow's milk, such as almond milk, if you prefer.
  5. Add in our awesome GoNanas Pumpkin Spice mix; Stir to combine your ingredients, until you have the consistency of a bread batter. Then you're ready to head over to your loaf pan.
  6. Scoop your pumpkin bread mix into the loaf pan so that each dollop about ¾ full- they'll need room to rise.
  7. Sprinkle your chocolate chips on top of each mini bread. Feel free to use as many or as few as you’d like.
  8. Put the loaf pan in the oven, and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
  9. Wait 10 minutes for the bread to cool. Once cooled, feel free to take the bread off the pan and enjoy.

Hot tip: if you have an electric mixer, try using a mixer to mash your banana. It’ll give your arm a break and the process will go quicker. Make sure you slice up the banana before getting started.

Tips for Making Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread 

There’s a lot that you can do to make your vegan chocolate chip pumpkin bread tastier and more versatile. Here are some tips to keep in mind when baking vegan chocolate chip pumpkin bread: 

Sweetening Your Pumpkin Bread 

If you’re looking to sweeten up your pumpkin bread, don’t be afraid to ~spice~ it up! This pumpkin bread is great plain, sprinkled with cinnamon, or as regular old-fashioned chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

You can also sweeten up your pumpkin bread by adding in a bit of extra maple syrup or honey. If you want to make it sweeter but keep it healthy, we recommend topping your pumpkin bread with some sliced bananas. You can also add in a pinch of agave syrup or Stevia to sweeten up your pumpkin bread. 

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Making Gluten-Free and Vega Pumpkin Bread 

Nothing is better than easy banana bread, and this one is the best! It’s also great that it’s gluten-free, making it easier to serve your friends with dietary restrictions. 

And if you have vegan friends, the mix is vegan-friendly. Just make sure to use non-dairy milk such as almond or coconut.

 You can also use oat milk, soy milk, hemp milk, or any other type of nut milk, such as macadamia or cashew milk. 

Generally speaking, oat milk is the best dairy milk replacement when baking bread and cakes. This is because oat milk mimics the viscosity of dairy milk more closely than other vegan milk varieties. If you bake with coconut milk, you may find that your desserts turn out too greasy and dense. Plus, the flavor of coconut milk can be a bit too prominent for many people’s liking. 

If you bake with almond milk, you’ll likely find that your desserts turn out too dry. Almond milk also has a nutty flavor that can be difficult to mask. 

On the other hand, oat milk has a very neutral taste. Plus, baking with oat milk means you don’t have to worry about nut allergies. 

Achieving Moist and Airy Bread 

Part of what sets delicious pumpkin bread apart from regular pumpkin bread is its texture. For pumpkin bread to be delicious, it needs to have a moist, airy texture. As we mentioned above, choosing the right milk alternative will help you get the right texture for your bread. 

To ensure the bread is moist, you should also be mindful to not overmix the batter. Overmixing the pumpkin bread batter will cause it to wind up chewy and dry. Instead, you should mix the ingredients just until they’re evenly incorporated. Anything more will mess with the texture. 

Buying the Bread Mix 

This healthy recipe is one of the best, and every bite will taste like a splurge.


There are so many options, such as pumpkin spice (for your pumpkin bread!), gingerbread, chocolate chip, and the original banana bread.

Easy and yummy vegan recipes aren’t easy to find- which is why we wanted to make one. Having dietary restrictions shouldn’t mean you should enjoy food any less. Luckily, our mix is the key ingredient, and the hardest part to find for other recipes.

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How to Store Pumpkin Bread

To store your banana bread, wrap your loaf in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Put the banana bread into a large freezer-friendly storage bag or reusable container. Make sure to date it, and then pop it in the freezer. You can also wrap individual slices to make the bread thaw more quickly when you want to take it out of the freezer. 

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As you can see, making vegan chocolate chip pumpkin bread is a fairly straightforward process. While there are many ways you can take your pumpkin bread to the next level, the real key to great pumpkin bread is to choose the right dry mix. 

That’s where GoNana’s comes in handy. GoNana’s has the perfect, healthy bread mixes for making vegan chocolate chip pumpkin bread as well as a variety of other treats. 

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