Vegan Avocado Fudge Recipe

we don’t care how basic it sounds, we looveee avocados. they’re full of potassium, fiber, and lots of great vitamins, not to mention they taste amazing. they’re a great fat source that adds a rich, creamy, flavor to any dish. we put them on toast, salads, tacos, or mash them up to make bomb guacamole. surprisingly, the creamy texture and subtle flavor also makes them a perfect substitute ingredient for a lot of classic dessert recipes too.

growing up in michigan, fudge is a must-have childhood treat. well, now you can recreate the same rich and decadent dessert with avocados! this recipe replaces the condensed milk and butter typically used in fudge recipes with vegan friendly alternatives like avocado and coconut cream. and, of course we blended some banana bread in there to take it to the next level.

after trying out this recipe, you’ll be saving your avocados for dessert instead of for your other meals! here’s how to make it: