The BEST Baked Oats You Need In Your Life ASAP

This warm, ooey-gooey gluten free and vegan goodness is sure to start your day on the right foot and get you tons of clout with the gen-z baked oat craze. Knock this crazy good healthy banana bread oat masterpiece in seconds. Best part - it knocks ANY tik-tok trending oat recipe out of the water. With all the buzz around baked oats, we just had to create our own vegan recipe here at GoNanas. But get this- ours just takes 3 accessible ingredients you 100% have in your home. Just make sure to tag us in your recipe if your tik tok/instagram goes viral with these heavenly baked oats. 

Baked oats are that of no other, especially this baby. Instead of a plain ol’ bowl of rolled oats or even a slice of chocolate chip banana bread you used to have at your grandmas, this recipe makes a moist, decadent, cake-like treat that is sure to quench your vegan and gluten free needs and sweet tooth anytime of day. With only 3 ingredients, this recipe is the easiest way to pack insane flavor into your daily oats. No need for a plethora of ingredients just to get a little flavor into these oats - you literally just have to add a couple spoonfuls of GoNanas mix into the batter. 

Again, like almost all of our gluten free and vegan baking recipes, this treat is completely customizable to basically any flavor combination your heart desires. Feel free to add any of our GoNanas mix into your oats, add any toppings in the batter, and you can even add any toppings on top!

We recently tried the oats with both the salted caramel and red velvet limited edition mixes - and they were insane. And, to make an even more delectable dish, we topped our red velvet baked oats with homemade vegan cream cheese frosting. Truly the most life changing vegan recipe to date. My little sister even thought this was a homemade cake - and not a gluten free, vegan fiber-rich bowl of oatmeal she usually despises. 

Our #1 trick to this recipe is a simple pinch of salt. Although it is not necessary, it brings out the most amazing flavors from the banana bread mix, and takes this dish to the next level. 

This recipe is so delicious, and of course, nutritious! Our mixes are filled with the fiber-rich oat flour already, so GoNanas mixed with even more oats = an optimally oat-rich/fiber-rich treat! This is guaranteed to make you feel satisfied and satiated. Additionally, like almost all of our recipes, this recipe is 100% vegan if you use a non-dairy liquid/milk.
For a boost in protein, feel free to add a small scoop of your favorite protein powder in

any flavor! Just make sure it goes with the chosen GoNanas mix. This addition would be great if you are whipping this vegan treat up before a workout. 

Honestly, after making this recipe with GoNanas for the past week, watching the endless supply of random baked oat recipes on tik tok is making me go absolutely crazy - as I watch them put in hundreds of ingredients into their oats, just to bring a little flavor, when these oats leit need only a couple spoonfuls of gluten free and vegan GoNanas mix. They all claim to have “the best ever oat recipe”, but I promise you - this is by far the easiest, most flavorful, and most customizable recipe you will find. Along with the immaculate flavor of this treat, the consistency literally tastes like a true cake. You can’t even tell the difference. Ok, now that I have sold you, here is the recipe for these LIFE CHANGING baked oats… I mean just look at the consistency of these insane vegan and gluten free banana bread oats. It is the best modern baking recipe you will ever find. 


½ cup rolled/quick oats, gf if desired

1 cup any liquid (nut milk, cow milk, water)

3 tablespoons any GoNanas mix


Pinch of salt

Protein powder

Chocolate chips/other toppings


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 F and grease a small ramekin or oven-safe container
  2. Measure half a cup of oats of your liking and pour into bowl
  3. Add 1 cup of any liquid, stirring until no clumps
  4. Add any additional mix-ins at this stage
  5. Start by slowly pouring a tablespoon at a time, the GoNanas mix
  6. Place your mix into a blender or smoothie maker, blending on medium speed for about 30 seconds or until no big chunks of oats can be seen
  7. Pour your batter into the oven-safe pre greased container and place in oven for about 20-30 minutes, checking halfway to make sure oats do not burn (burnt oats are no good!!)
  8. Let cool for 10 minutes, top with any toppings, and dig in!



  • Feel free to use any type of GoNanas mix: we recommend the red velvet for the most cake-like oats!
  • Any oats can be used, such as gluten free, rolled oats, quick oats...
  • Any neutral liquid can be used in this recipe, including simple water.
  • Protein powder is a great way to add some more flavor and protein to this already delicious treat.
  • Salt really takes any oat recipe to the next level! Trust us!
  • Add anything to your batter that you like: including blueberries, chocolate etc…
  • Toppings are HIGHLY encouraged!! We love nut butters, frostings, fruit...