We love you and we love your brain! MAY is Mental Health Awareness Month and as such we will take any and all opportunities to make sure that you know that we love you and we love your brain. Did you know that we love you and we love brain?! Because… we do. There are so many great resources that you can access and utilize to help tend to your gorgeous mental health - but more of that can be found over on our Insta! For now, let’s really get down to business. We know what you came here for. Because here and now, our topic is tending to your mental health via… some yummies in your tummies! What better way to make your day than with this delicious Cookies ‘N Cream Banana Bread recipe from which uses our delicious and special Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas mix and puts a subtle yet classic spin on it! Let’s dive in.

Now, we know you have been around the block with us a few times, nana fans. And as such, you know that all of our flavors are our very special girlies. Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Salty Carm, Fudge Brownie, Blueberry Crumble, Chocolate Chip, Original - you name it! They are all our VIPs, very important pastries, and the belles of their very own balls. But if we are being totally honest, the lovely Cookies ‘N Cream has a very special place in our hearts. She is dedicated to such a special cause and spreads so much awareness. And not to mention… she is absolutely delicious. So what better way to nurture your body and your mind with this delicious Cookies ‘N Cream Banana Bread?! There is no better way.

The delicious Cookies ‘N Cream is of course one of the most universal, delicious, crowd-pleasing favorite flavors in the world. There is a little something for everyone. A little bit of light and a little bit of dark. A little bit of cream and a little bit of crunch. Heck, maybe even a little bit of salty and a little bit of sweet! How fun that we are introducing young Cookies ‘N Cream GoNanas mix in May (because, obviously, Mental Health Awareness Month) but also because - we are about to head into Gemini season! She really is the queen of duality. The yin AND the yang. And not to mention… the YUM.