Banana Bread Pancake Cereal Recipe

Are you looking to step up your cereal game this year?

In 2020, the pancake cereal food trend hit both Tik Tok and Instagram. While making pancake cereal may look difficult at first glance (after all, who has the time to make a bunch of mini pancakes?), the truth is, making pancake cereal is pretty straightforward. 

To make basic pancake cereal, all you need is pancake batter and a small device to squeeze the batter into mini pancakes on a hot pan. Once the trend took off, culinary artists began putting their own unique spin on pancake cereal. 

Now, you can find all sorts of pancake cereal recipes. You can find recipes for chocolate chip pancake cereal, coconut pancake cereal, cinnamon pancake cereal, and more. But, if you’re looking for something truly unique to make, then you need to try your hand at banana bread pancake cereal

How do you make banana bread pancake cereal? Find out below. 

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What is Pancake Cereal? 

The first question we need to answer is, “What is pancake cereal?” 

Pancake cereal is much more than a boxed cereal that tastes like pancakes. As we mentioned, to make pancake cereal, you need to make teeny, tiny pancakes. You can make miniature pancakes by pouring batter into a hot skillet using a syringe, squeeze bottle, or plastic bag. 

While topping pancake cereal with milk is the traditional route, people also like to top it with fresh strawberries, maple syrup, and even whipped cream. 

Tips for Making Pancake Cereal 

Making pancake cereal first starts with choosing the right pancake batter. While you can always used boxed pancake batter to keep things simple, making a homemade pancake batter is also an option. 

Just like flipping regular pancakes can be difficult, so too can it be tough to flip mini pancakes. Many find that using a very small spatula makes it easier to flip the mini pancakes. Additionally, it can be helpful to cook the pancakes in two pans instead of one. This way, each tiny pancake will have plenty of room to cook. Also, be mindful when flipping them mini pancakes over. While it can be tempting to flip all of the cakes over in one go, this can cause them to stick together. 

Instead, you should flip each mini pancake one at a time. While this will take longer, the end result will be much tastier and much more Instagrammable. Here are some other considerations and tips:

How Do You Make Pancakes Fluffier?



If you want to make your pancake cereal fluffier, then you want to focus on making the batter thicker. For example, if your pancake cereal recipe calls for one cup of milk, you can substitute part of the milk with a ½ cup of yogurt. 

You can also add a bit of baking powder or soda to your pancakes to make them fluffier. 

How Do You Make Banana Pancakes?

If you don’t want to make pancake cereal but would rather make banana pancakes, you can use the exact same ingredients. But, instead of using a syringe or other device to make tiny pancakes, you’ll just pour the mixture onto the pan as you would when cooking a normal pancake. 

If you want your pancakes to have some extra banana flavor, you can add a banana to the batter or top your pancakes with some sliced bananas. 

Can You Use Overripe Bananas for Pancakes?

Many times, people use overripe bananas to make banana bread. But, can you also use overripe bananas to make pancakes? 

The answer is yes! Overripe bananas make a fine addition to your pancake batter. You can also use overripe bananas and eggs to make a healthy, simple pancake batter. 

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How Do You Make Jamie Oliver Pancakes?

If you’re on social media or you like to watch cooking shows, then you’ve probably come across the super delicious-looking pancakes that Jamie Oliver makes. 

Jamie Oliver has recipes for crepe-like pancakes and fluffy, American-style pancakes. However, he’s perhaps best known for his one-cup pancakes. While these pancakes look very fancy, you just need a cup to make them. You don’t even need a scale to make the pancakes, and you can make different variations, including blueberry, chocolate chip, and banana. Here is a link to Jamie Oliver’s one-cup pancakes with blueberries

How Do You Make Kylie Jenner Pancakes? 



Another popular pancake recipe you’ll see floating around social media is Kylie Jenner’s pancakes. While Kylie Jenner may be attached to this simple pancake recipe, she’s actually not the one who created it. 

This super-healthy pancake recipe has been floating around for a while. To make these pancakes, you need to mash a banana in a bowl and combine it with one cup of pancake mix. You can also use banana bread mix

Then, add an egg (or flax seed and water if you’re vegan), half a cup of non-dairy milk, and half a teaspoon of vanilla to the mixture. Then, add in one tablespoon of sugar or the sweetener of your choice. Scoop the batter into a frying pan and cook until it’s bubbly on top. Then, flip the pancake over and cook the other side. 

Drizzle with maple syrup or honey and enjoy! 

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Banana Bread Pancake Cereal Recipe 

Mixing your pancake cereal with Go Nana’s banana bread mix can really help take your meal to the next level. While combining banana bread with pancake cereal may sound complicated, it’s actually quite easy. 

Serves 4

Time: About 20 minutes


  • 1 bag gonanas banana bread mix
  • 1/4 cup almond milk (for cooking)
  • More almond milk (for the cereal) 


  1. Heat a large greased skillet over medium-low heat. 
  2. Make the batter according to the package, and add the extra 1/4 cup almond milk with the wet ingredients. the batter should look like a typical pancake batter.
  3. Drop small amounts of batter into the skillet. cook for about 5 minutes. flip, and cook for another 2 minutes.
  4. Repeat until all batter is used up.
  5. Serve in a bowl, top with milk, and enjoy! 

If you tried this recipe, be sure to send us a picture of your creation at or tag us on Instagram @go_nanas!

Time to Make Some Pancakes 

As you can see, banana bread pancake cereal is pretty easy to make! Now, it’s time for you to try your hand at the recipe. 

Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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