INSANE Chocolate BIRTHDAY Cake Muffins

BIG NEWS! Today… is your BIRTHDAY PARTY. Happy Birthday! Oh, wait. What’s that you say? It’s not your birthday today? Well, first of all. You are wrong. Every day can be your birthday if you just believe. Second of all, on this your very special un-birthday there is one thing we know for sure that you deserve… Cake! But not just any cake. We heard that your absolute fave dessert is actually BROWNIES. So, hear me out: what if you could have a brownie moment AND birthday cake at the party?? Well, our special Go Nanas friend, today is your day (don’t argue). So we made it happen for you.

WE OBVS GOT THE HOOK UP! We here at Go Nanas have been working hard to whip up something extra special just for you. Check out these BIRTHDAY CAKE BROWNIE MUFFINS (can I get a heck ya). *Heck ya* Oh, and did we mention… they are vegan and gluten free? Well, we wouldn’t be us if they were not!

Speaking of us… you obviously know your girlies here at Go Nanas are big fans of Banana Bread. Because DUH. But what you maybe did not know is… we also solidly endorse cake. I mean, who doesn’t?! In the words of the great Marie Antoinette (maybe. Don’t fact check our historical accuracy on that. I am at least pretty sure Kirsten Dunst said it when she played her and that is good enough for me)... LET THEM EAT CAKE! Truly, cake for any occasion is good enough for me. But, doesn’t it just sparkle a little differently when it’s BIRTHDAY cake?! We think so. So blow out your candles if you want and grab a slice. This one is for you!

If I had to pick one LEAST favorite thing about cake… well, first of all. Rude. How dare you put me in that position? Second of all, the answer is obvious. The only downfall about a cake is that you have to pick one flavor. ONE! How rude. What if I wanted, say… BROWNIES? Who could go wrong with chocolate? And I don’t want to sacrifice my funfetti moment either! So I say, HOW ABOUT BOTH. Por que no los dos? Birthday cake and brownies is a match made in heaven. Just enough to share, the perfect amount to go around, so that everyone can get a little piece of decadence. It is truly a celebration for the ages!

Do you remember the feeling of celebrating your birthday at school? Especially when you were really little and you would bring your own treats to pass around to everyone? Sure, donuts are special. And cupcakes are cute. But BROWNIES just hit differently. Brownies give you both the soft doughiness and crispy crunchiness you would want in a snack. Those corner pieces?! Come on. Enough said. The middle pieces?! COME ON! Need I say more? Ok, I will. If you insist. Nothing could be more decadent than a brownie. Caviar? No thanks. Pate? Save it for someone else. Give me brownies or give me death. Sorry, was that dramatic? Oh well. When it comes to drama? We take the cake.

Now, let’s talk about how EASY these BIRTHDAY CAKE BROWNIE MUFFINS are to make! Here is what you need to make these bad boys. Spoiler alert: You barely need anything (and to be honest, most of it you probably already have in your kitchen). To start off, get yourself 3 medium ripe bananas. If they are super ripe, just use 2. We know bananas can be fickle friends so check in with your bunch to see if they are super speckly or just a cute medium ripe and proceed from there! Next, grab yourself 2 tablespoons of the milk of your choice (classic for my dairy queens, almond, oat, soy, whatever floats your boat!). Then 2 tablespoons of oil (again, whatever you prefer my little baker extraordinaires!). Let’s round it out with 1 tablespoon of maple syrup or honey (you guessed it, dealer’s choice), one third cup of cocoa powder, and one third cup of Enjoy Life vegan mini chips. Finally, last but certainly not least, grab your pack of Go Nanas Birthday Cake Banana Bread Mix. You didn’t think we forgot, did you? Never. And voila! Finally, a recipe that doesn’t require the kitchen sink! Well, you might use your sink. But… you know what we mean.

Time for the play by play! You didn’t think we would leave you alone at game time, did you? First, make your Go Nanas Birthday Cake Mix per package! Yum yum yum. Then add your one third cup of cocoa powder and mix it on up well. Next, fold in the chocolate chips. *Insert your Schitt’s Creek jokes here.* Then go ahead and pour that situation into your muffin tin. Lastly, bake for 25 minutes and enjoy. That’s it! What could be more simple? It’s like breathing. BLINK and you will have some scrumptious muffins ready before you know it.

So, there you have it! These BIRTHDAY CAKE BROWNIE MUFFINS are so easy and perfect that anyone can make them and enjoy them any time. That’s right. Birthday or no birthday, we’ve got you covered! Of course, the answer is always birthday. To quote another one of the great feminist icons in our modern age, that is of course Hannah Montana aka Miley Stewart aka Miley Cyrus our queen and savior… you really do get the best of both worlds. So chill it out, take it slow, or HURRY to your oven to make these scrumptious BIRTHDAY CAKE BROWNIE MUFFINS. Right now. Or tomorrow. Or on your actual birthday. So regardless of your Sun, Moon, or Rising signs.. These muffins are for you. Pull up a plate and celebrate. Whether you are a cake connoisseur or a brownie believer, make sure to take lots of pictures of your gorgeous masterpieces and tag Go Nanas so we can see what you’ve made. Bon appetit, babes!