Mission Statement 

GoNanas: A unique line of mini banana bread loaves, baked with wholesome ingredients and simply sweetened by 'nanas (of course). Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, and with our bread, you can do just that- indulge your taste buds without having to sacrifice nutritional value. At GoNanas, we're all about that healthy hedonism.



Bite size bliss

While we want to satisfy your sweet tooth, an important part of the balancing act is Portion control, which is why all of our loaves are sold in mini, single-serve portions-perfect for when you need that on-the-go treat.



We use fresh and wholesome ingredients, instead of the refined and processed ingredients you often see in the dessert aisles these days. For example, in each bread base we use non-fat greek yogurt, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, and whole grain gluten-free oat flour. We offer various flavors, from the classic chocolate chip to the more seasonal pumpkin, so you can pick the style of treat that works for you and fuel your body well all the while.


Bread Babes

Two foodies, one with southern flair, the other with local roots, came together, both with a love for baking and eating well. On a long commute to cook anywhere but our dorm room kitchen, the idea of Gonanas came to life, and our hunger to share our creations only grew from there.

Hungry yet?

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