This Bread is





A unique line of mini, vegan and gluten free, banana bread loaves, baked locally in Ypsilanti, MI.


Mission Statement 

We believe Living a healthy, balanced life is about treating your body well, but also caring for the environment and the people in our community. With our bread you can indulge your taste buds without having to sacrifice nutritional value or a large environmental footprint in the process.


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Bite size bliss

One of the hardest parts about living a healthy lifestyle, is doing so amidst a busy schedule, which is why all of our loaves are sold in mini, single-serve portions, perfect for when you need that on-the-go snack. This way, healthy living can be easy and enjoyable.


Balanced breads

gonanas aims to give you a balanced treat with both nutrition and flavor by trading the traditionally, processed ingredients in banana bread for high quality, ingredients locally sourced whenever possible. This way, you can enjoy your banana bread, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supporting our local food economy here in Michigan.