Baking Manager


Are you passionate about food and health? Do you want to help a small business grow and spread their health-focused product and mission? GoNanas, a gluten free and vegan, mini banana bread loaf company in Ann Arbor, started by two UofM students, is looking for more bakers to help create our products, help improve our production process, and scale effectively.


Essential Duties:

As baker manager, you will oversee and work with a team of 3-5 bakers once a week on Thursdays from approximately 2-7pm. First, you will grocery shop for the few perishable ingredients needed and ensure all other materials are in stock for the day based on inventory. You will regularly communicate with our baking staff to handle any scheduling conflicts before and ensure employees properly log their hours during as well. You will then manage the whole production process from baking and packaging / labeling our breads to separating the orders and properly closing down the kitchen. You are to ensure accuracy and quality is maintained in the kitchen by all bakers, following the rules in our training guide—from ensuring that the recipe is strictly followed, cleaning is thorough, packaging and labeling is done thoughtfully and correctly, and that the breads are in proper condition to be delivered to retailers. Overall, you will work to help everyone work as efficiently as possible and to our high standards, while also maintaining our fun and purposeful environment, with the help of our team throughout the process!




-       Demonstrated leadership experience

-       Demonstrated organizational and teamwork skills

-       Demonstrated ability to multi-task and pay attention to detail

-       Understands efficiency, but also prioritizes quality

-       Demonstrated, strong and consistent communication skills

-       Embraces a positive attitude 

-       Owns a car 

-       Is available 2-7pm on Thursdays for the long-term


-       Servsafe certification

-       Demonstrated, managerial experience

-       Demonstrated experience in the customer service industry

-       Demonstrated understanding of the baking process

-       Passion for food and health


If interested, please send your resume to

Kitchen Address: 3744 Plaza Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108


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